Saturday, 30 April 2011

About me and my mini-making hobby :)

I'm a fourteen year old student studying in secondary 3 in Singapore. I first found out about min-making about 3 years ago through a television programme which featured a polymer clay artisan, Mdm Ang. Amazed by her intricate handicraft, I became very interested in this form of art. During the school holiday, my aunt signed me up for a four hour course, introducing me to the basics of polymer clay. My first creation was a chocolate-lemon layered cake, which I got to take home. Mum then bought me a basic set of tools and a package of basic coluors of Sculpy III. I can still remember my first creations were a hotdog, a cartoon crab and waffle.

I stopped mini-making for a while after I entered into secondary school. But the passion came back suddenly during my secondary 2 December holidays. After stocking up on my tools and clay etc. I got down to serious mini-making. I would spend hours browsing the internet for tutorials, getting books from the library and practice the new techniques on my clay works. The whole process is really enjoyable. Soon, mini-making was my main activity apart from my studies.