Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blackforest tutorial

1. You will need : Chocolate clay
                              Red + Blue + Translucent = Purple Clay
                              White+ Translucent clay
                              Red (Cherry/wine) + translucent

2. Roll out the chocolate clay. Cut out 2 circles. I used the back of a whipped cream piping tip. Reroll the remaining and set the two circles aside. Roll out the chocolate clay again, more thinly. Cut out one circle.
3. Cut out circles from the purple clay and the white clay, with the same thickness of the third chocolate circle.
4. Stack the circles in this order. Thick chocolate clay, white clay, thin chocolate clay, purple clay, thick chocolate clay. Press and compact the layers together.
5. Grab more white clay and flatten it out, large enough to cover the entire cake. Smoothen it out.
6. Mix sculpy bake n bond or liquid sculpy with white acryllic paint. Put the mixture in a small piping bag and cut a VERY small hole in the corner. Squeese out the cream around the top edges of the cake.
7. Next, make the cherries. Use the red and translucent clay mixture and roll into tiny balls (cherries)
PLace the cherries along the edge of the cake, on the whipped cream.
8. Flatten out some chocolate coloured clay. Cut grids into it. Bake it,
9. After it is hard, chop into tiny pieces and sprinkle it in the middle of the cake, within the whipped cream border.
10. Pop the cake in the fridge.
11. After about 5 minutes, cut out one slice of cake and texture.

UPs and DOWNs in every day

I guess today was alright. I got my english results back and I'm happy with it :) Hope that can be maintained. We also got feedback for LIT UBD. I think the teacher was happy with ours and the Q and A went well :)
However, my lit teacher said that my book was not well tabbed :(( I don't want to create a bad impression of me on her :( Better do it properly on the second chance.I thought tabbing was personal?? But I guess it was a little messy.
Gonna have to do more math today :P However much I don't enjoy it, It helps me so I guess I'll just have to bear with it and practice well for my coming exams.

“When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”  
 Psalm 84: 18-19