Sunday, 1 May 2011

Basic bread making

Bread is one of the easiest and fun to make mini foods. There are just so many kinds of bread to make.

To make a basic bread "dough" . mix translucent clay with white clay in a ratio of about 1:2. To make a loaf in which you can cut open and see the insides, shape the clay into a squarish log shape and dust the top with chalk pastles. A video tutorial on the use of chalk pastles will be posted later.

To make other breads like croissant, add a little ochre to get an off white colour. Don't add too much or it will look "plastic" and unrealistic.

The bread texture is best achieved by patting toothbrush bristtles on the surface you want to texture. Texture the bread before you dust it with chalk pastles.

Other materials can be added to the bread dough -- ground pepper, poppy seeds and ground rice to give it more texture or to simulate other ingredients like raisins (poppy seeds)

Campell's soup and bread

Crate of bread**

Crate/basket of bread w/o cheese= $6
Crate of bread with cheese board = $6
Addition of magnet = $1

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