Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Whipped cream madness!

Recently, I've been trying to find more economical ways to make fake whipped cream. As a student, I don't have that much to spend on materials and its kinda bad to ask for any more money to buy materials. Thats why I have to sell my creations in order to get more money to get more materials :D teehee.
But anyway, back to the topic, here in Singapore, ready made whipped cream like decogel or fuwafuwa whipped cream can cause around $25 for a small tube.

Therefore, I set out to find alternatives to make whipped cream. I tried making my own piping bag and use it to pipe fuwafuwa normal ADC but failed quite miseribly. I also tried acryllic paint. I thought it worked but then ran out of it. Then, I tried mixing sculpy with liquid sculpy but it ended up a messy thing.

In the end, I resorted to the mold method. It worked ok but did not produce the best results. However, before that, I "consulted" Mdm Ang and she showed me how to make a whip cream dollop using tweezers. Still practicing that though.

If I do have success with the whipped cream, I will definitely post the pictures :)

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