Sunday, 1 May 2011

Basic information on MIni-making

The most important material, is of course the clay. In Singapore, the available brands of polymer clay include largely Fimo and Sculpy.Fimo is found in some popular bookstores while Sculpy III is found in art friend. However, you may be able to find other brands in distributors such as garie international and tinkle arts n crafts. As for Air dry clay (ADC) you can find grace clay in a craft shop at people's park centre and fuwafuwa paper clay from kinokunia in Takashimaya. Other brands can also be found at tinkle art n crafts online shop. Tools are also available in art friend. But for those who want more advanced tools or for a wider range, online shops like those listed above are a good choice but tend to be slightly more expensive.
Other equipment you may need are:  sandpaper, pasta machine, resin, toothbrush, cosmetic tweezers, chalk pastles, acryllic colours and oil paints, paintbrushes etc.

The most important clay colour, is of course white. If you are using polymer clay, translucent is essential for realistic effects.As for tools, the needle tool and a penknife or craft knife are the first tools you shold probably invest on.

Storage and workspace
Clay must be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, Airdry clays should be stored in airdry containers. Personally, I store my polymer clay in a compartmentalised container, so that it can be sorted by colour, despite having a cover, I've realised that my clay tends to be linty, So a cover is neccesary.
I also cover my worktable with paper and a cutting mat. But recently, I prefer to lay another piece of paper on the cutting mat to work on my minis. I also have toilet tissue on the ready to clean my hands or the table. I contain my molds and some tools as well as my miniature dollhouse plates,bowls etc in mini drawers that can be bought from toyogo.

I store my works in a transparent box (also compartmentalised) and display some of them on little display shelves from daiso.

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