Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Basic loaf of bread tutorial

 Here is the tutorial to make a basic loaf of bread. Its not too hard to do :) I had a video but I had problems uploading it so I did a photo tutorial instead. Hope this is helpful .  

Here are the tools you will probably need: yellow, white, light brown and dark brown chalk pastles, an old toothbrush, a sponge with a "scratchy" side, a brush, a needle tool and a penknife/blade/craft knife, and a piece of paper

Knead some translucent clay and white clay together in a ratio of about 1:2

    Shape the clay into a squarish log shape. 


 Press the two "long sides" of the bread near the bottom gently to create a bread shape.

 Rub the chalk pastles on a piece of paper.

 Texture the bread on all sides using your toothbrush,

 Enhance the texture using the "scratchy" side of the sponge.

 Start to brush on the colours to give the bread a baked effect. Start with the lightest colour but be careful not to apply too much yellow.

 Brush the darker brown only on the top of the bread -- since it is more likely to burn at the top :)
You may also add a tinge at the corners :)

 At the end, it should look something like this.

 Then, cover it and pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then, using your knife, cut about two slices out of the loaf. Do not use a sawing motion to cut as "jaggs" will appear on the bread.

 Texture the white portions of the bread.

 Then, use a needle tool to make air holes of varied sizes on the white portions of the bread.

 Add some finishing touches to your loaf of bread.

There you have it! A little loaf of bread :D

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